March 7, 2017

PPC pay per click services


PPC-Pay Per Click  Services .

Digital Sandesh provides PPC- Pay per click Services campaign. Our Main focus is on  Google-Ad-word , and Facebook Advertising.  In fact we do it with  complete analysis and Market Research. Ultimately it provides you maximum value of your advertising campaign.

Research Shows 86% people use Google for searching anything .That is why Google Ad word is main platform of PPC . Similarly Facebook,Twitter,Linden are major areas of Social Media. Considering all these Digital Sandesh has developed a complete Package. You can stay away and we do it for you .

 PPC-Pay Per Click Services.

See how it helps you .

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Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising

It provides you control over your budget in between of your running campaign.furthermore  you only pay when your add has been Click.Consequently you get all the data for budget analysis.This optimize your Bid and budget. Additionally  it do Re Marketing of prospects.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads







You can use both visual and text method.Of course Digtal Sandesh performs all these for you.It has customize ads option as per you requirement. Actually it enters you  in diffrent  verticals and job function .

Youtube Ads Research shows that visual ads is more engaging then text or image ads.Therefore you tube is the best platform to provide visibility  of your services.You can show short Un Skip-able separable or skip-able video ads at the most engaging moment.This provides better visibility and response.You are free to design the timing,types and budget too.

Link den Ads-For getting target segment this is most effective platform.It provides best options for Business to Business Lead Generation.Apart from that it enable you to market your content and Display Ads.All these offers with budget flexibility .

In addition to all these options we offers Some Specialized Service. Mobile APP Engagement and Shopping Campaign are one of those.

Cost effectiveness is or key components.We offers value for money.




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