Latest information you must know if you plan to earn through Youtube

           You Tube changed its policy for paying per views.

Digital Sandesh keeps you updated regarding all latest relevant development in Digital Marketing Field.Today we brings you some latest information regarding YouTube.

Five years back, YouTube has introduced a feature for users to upload their videos and getting paid by their vewing. But now a days You Tube observed various violation of copyright. People start copying other videos and upload it with their own name.This severly damage the quality and viewers acceptance. To avoid all those things You Tube has now announced a new policy that any will getting paid after 10000 views only.By doing this You Tube just trying to be sure that only original content will upload and share on You Tube.This not only provide quality of video but also viewers engagement.

You tube Changed its policy

You tube Changed its policy


Obviously, alongside securing the makers on its administration whose recordings are being re-transferred by trick specialists, these new principles may help YouTube keep hostile recordings far from the brands that burn through cash showcasing on their stage. This has been a major issue for YouTube lately. “This new limit gives us enough data to decide the legitimacy of a channel,” composed Bardin. “It likewise permits us to affirm if a channel is taking after our group rules and publicist arrangements.”

As it draws ever nearer to equality with the universe of prime-time TV, YouTube is sensibly finding a way to police how business is done on its administration. The reality of the situation will become obvious eventually how a rising era of makers react to these new impediments.

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